Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AMD releases E450 and Llano successors

AMD has announced that it has released its Trinity chips (successor of the Llano) and the Brazos 2.0 (successors of the hugely popular E-450 chips) and that they are already shipping them to ODMs which means that these chips might already be inside your favorite laptop brands that might be shipping to your local stores give a month or two. So any of you that are targeting to buy a Fusion- based laptop, better wait for these chips to come along as they will bring as much as 20% better CPU performance and as much as 30% improvement in terms of graphics.

This is also big news to the fans of the Atom- beater E450 APU. The successor is rumored to be called as E2- 1800 and will also sport a beefier Radeon HD 7340 (523MHz-680MHz) as an improvement to the older HD 6320 which already did admirably especially when compared to its Intel counterparts. The CPU is said to clock its two cores at 1.7 GHz which is a small improvement of the 1.65 GHz of the E450. Other welcome improvements also include USB 3.0 support. 

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